Welcome to the new ‘normal’… : teachers ‘ meeting’ their students in virtual rooms only, sitting for hours in front of a computer screen! It is not a fairy tale! It is the harsh ( some people say) but challenging reality we all have to face the last few weeks . A reality that has it all!!! 1. A magic mirror known as the computer screen 2. The poisoned apple in the form of that application you saw and seems great for the kids 3. An Evil Queen or simply those who do not trust the effectiveness of virtual lessons and 4. Seven Dwarfs : The seven steps we need to take in order to turn virtual teaching into an enjoyable experience for all. Join me to find them out.

Despite the quarantine, students taking exams this year(?) are entitled to the same quality training. This session presents a SWOT analysis of how face-to-face exam training can be modified to suit a digital environment. It takes a critical look at the affective and cognitive factors involved and examines the challenges and opportunities presented.

Humour in the classroom is a serious business! Research confirms its importance in effective learning and in teacher-student relationships. The real world confirms the vital role that humour plays in our personal well-being and ‘collective health’. This session reminds us of why humour is important and not just an optional extra – and shares a bunch of nice, easy techniques for integrating humour into the teaching of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and effective communication.

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