TESOL GREECE 10/5/2020

Τα Σαββατοκύριακα μέχρι κ τέλος Ιουνίου το TESOL GREECE μαζί με τους αξιολογοτερους καθηγητές Πανεπιστημίων του κόσμου!

Well, not impossible but hopefully challenging and engaging. In this webinar we’ll look at creating some short activities that require little or no materials and which can be used either on line or in the classroom ( when we return! ) as warmers or coolers.

In this online event, teachers will be introduced to pre, during and post-reading activities and how to apply them online. For example, skimming and scanning activities, creating a story’s outline and predicting what it’s about from its title .Composing a song related to the text and making a puzzle game.Eman is a CELTA certified teacher, and an online MOOC facilitator at George Mason University. She works at the AUC.

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