Find more by searching online for “NA holiday drinks” or “holiday mocktails”. Do not rely on your host to provide NA options. Life coaching at New Life Portugal is about deep listening, mutual exploration, and compassion. Your personal coach will support you in slowing down and listening to what’s inside you.

sober holidays

Plan activities for your family to do like holiday concerts, light shows, sledding, hiking or walking. Family bonding through experiences is very powerful and meaningful. Set the table, help in the kitchen or refill your grandmas juice. If this is hard for you, perhaps speak to close loved ones ahead of time and let them know you may need support in the near future, or ask them to reach out to you on a specific day to make sure you are OK. Allowing yourself support is one of the key take-aways of healthy sobriety.

Create a list of holiday survival tips.

If you feel ready and comfortable to share, it can be incredibly helpful to tell those around you and those hosting the party that you are sober and gain their support and aid in eluding temptation. The more people you have around to hold you accountable, the more likely you are to avoid using. Additionally, it is likely that if the people around you are aware that you are in recovery, they may be willing to do what they can to support you through that journey, even call for an entirely sober event.

It sounds simple but you’ll be amazed at how calm, rested, and at peace you’ll feel by connecting with the natural environment around us. We offer weekend and one-day retreats with our resident and guest teachers based on various themes, including meditation, yoga, dance, coaching, and noble silence. If there’s something specific you’d like to work on, feel free to design your own retreat experience with our Meditation Teacher or Program Manager. Mindful movement can be excellent for easing tension or pain. Book private sessions with our body-mind teachers specialising in qigong, yoga therapy, and breathwork.

Why “Am I an Alcoholic?” Is the Wrong Question

There is a difference between people being dicks and people being harmful. If you’re not part of our community, you can look to the many organizations to findonline gatherings of sober folkson the holidays. I originally wrote this post in 2014, and the irony is I stayed up until three in the morning on my sister’s couch in Los Angeles. According to the National Institutes of Health, your typical beer has over 150 calories, sober holidays a glass of red wine is about 125, and a shot of spirits over 100 calories . By not drinking during the holidays, you can allocate those calories to better use – like stocking up at the dessert table. Emily Lynn Paulson gave up drinking five years ago, but she remembers the struggle around the holidays. If you’re resistant to the idea because you don’t want to “burden” your loved one, turn the situation around.

Death is an occurrence that will touch all of us at one point in our lives, whether it is a close loved one, frie… Fear of the unknown is having fearful or anxious feelings regarding some… Please call us to see if your HMO, PPO, or EPO insurance plan will cover your treatment. Maybe this year the Christmas budget is slim because of the ravages of addiction. Instead of dwelling on the number of gifts under the tree, focus on the experiences you create.

Don’t ask why someone is not drinking

When one thinks of the holidays, thoughts might flow to twinkling lights or Christmas trees. It is often seen as a joyous time of the year, but for many, it’s not so glamorous. Some may be struggling with grief from the loss of a loved one or seasonal depression. This time of year is even more challenging for those who are recovering from substance use. Staying sober can be a challenging feat, to begin with, especially during the holidays.

If pride is a factor, imagine a time in the future when you will be the one helping another family in need. Call your local United Way or house of worship for information on help with holiday meals and gifts for children. In the end, the humility you gain will only strengthen your recovery.

Know your triggers and have support on standby.

So give yourself a little bit of credit for showing up for yourself today. Our culture makes it easy to believe that, in order to feel the holiday spirit, you need to fill yourself with spirits – wine, champagne, spiked eggnog, what-have-you. But is that what the holidays are really about – about getting wasted and blacking out?

Or many, the holiday season is synonymous with celebrating, and celebrating goes hand-in-hand with booze. But in the company of supportive loved ones, it certainly doesn’t have to be. While the holidays can be a wonderful time of the year for many people, they can also be complicated.

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